While indoor air quality concerns and products have achieved considerable residential attention in the last couple of decades, the global impact of the COVID-19 virus has sparked current airborne and surface contact health and safety concerns to unprecedented levels.

In our ongoing effort to educate, inform and help the public, Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical recently discovered an extremely effective, affordable whole house air purification technology that mitigates household pathogens, allergens, molds and other contaminants, and would like to extend information regarding this product to you.  With high allergy season upon us and so many in our area affected by them, Goettl’s believes many of you could obtain noticeable relief from its benefits.

At Goettl’s, your indoor air quality experts, researching current best practices and products for your health, safety and comfort consideration is what we do.

At this time, we also want you to know that Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical continues to service our current and prospective customers while following a general CDC protocol for employee-customer safety, and encourages all of us to do our part to prevent the spread of this virus.

For more information about this cutting-edge air purification technology, or for air conditioning or plumbing assistance, call Goettl’s at 928.772.2751 or 928.567.2200

Wishing you good health and safety as we weather these uncertain times together,

Adam and Ted Goettl for the Goettl’s Team and Family

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