HVAC Repair ServicesMost people panic when things go wrong with equipment in their homes. One way to reduce the panic and keep your house in order is to have a maintenance agreement with Goettl’s. For a fixed monthly or annual fee, our professionals will keep your equipment in top working order. Here are some reasons why you should have a maintenance agreement in place for your home:

1. Lower cost over time. When you maintain your equipment, the repair costs tend to be lower, and failures happen less frequently. Your equipment operates more efficiently when well maintained, saving you money on operating costs (lower utility bills). This may also prevent the depletion of emergency funds for sudden breakdowns and repairs.

2. Peace of mind. Besides saving you money, regular maintenance will reduce the chance of you getting stuck in the cold with no heat or taking cold showers if your water heater fails. A maintenance agreement can also lengthen the lifespan of the components in your equipment.

3. Keeping your warranty in good standing. Some manufacturers won’t replace a part if the unit has not been regularly maintained by a professional. Rather than having to remember to schedule service appointments or keep up with maintenance yourself, having an agreement in place ensures that you keep the added protection of a warranty should a covered part or parts fail.

4. Relationship. You can trust your regular service company who wants to keep your business. One-time service by a stranger does not make a relationship. If your equipment has ongoing issues, a maintenance agreement will provide you with better follow-up for work performed. The Goettl technicians who take care of your home will also become familiar with how everything works and will be better able to make suggestions and detect any potentially problematic issues early.

5. Safety. For simple routine maintenance, you may be able to take care of it yourself. You might even be tempted to do more complex maintenance on your own. However, a professional will know the safest way to complete the work. Protect yourself and your family by having a Goettl professional do regular, planned maintenance on your equipment.

Get your home’s maintenance in order. To find out more about maintenance agreements, and whether it’s the right fit for you, give Goettl’s a call to discuss.

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