If you’ve had your AC or furnace unit for twelve or more years and never experienced a maintenance issue, consider yourself lucky. VERY lucky. Regular maintenance increases longevity, reliability, and efficiency…three things every homeowner or business owner wants. Certainly no one wants the unexpected expense of a major repair, especially when you depend on your HVAC system the most – on the coldest winter night or sweltering summer day.

Let’s face it… life gets busy and people tend to procrastinate when it comes to maintenance agreements. If the HVAC system is performing well when you need it, there’s probably a sentiment of, “I’ll get around to it later.” But when ‘later’ comes around, it’s likely to be at the absolutely wrong time.

 Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical recommends an annual maintenance plan to safeguard yourself against the unexpected. Once you’ve agreed to a plan, you’ll be added to their database for worry-free peace of mind. Customers will receive a scheduling call either annually or bi-annually, depending upon whether they’ve selected AC, furnace, or both. Goettl’s does the ‘remembering’ for you and schedules your maintenance appointment in advance ofthe change of seasons.

Scheduled maintenance plans have specific required items to be inspected and services performed, much like your vehicle that has specific services performed at specific mileage milestones. The direct benefit is that often, potentially costly repairs are preempted; maintenance is generally less expensive than repair. Also, the possible inconvenience of waiting for the repair technician to be available can be avoided. Lastly, some manufacturers’ warranties require evidence of regular maintenance in order to be valid.

For additional information about maintaining your central heating and air conditioning systems, call Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical at (928) 567-2200 if you live in Sedona/ Verde Valley or (928) 772 2751 if you live in Prescott/Quad Cities.

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