You’re all cozied up on the couch, watching the blustery weather through the window, and enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, and then… you sense some cold air. Chances are your home has a leak somewhere, particularly if it’s an older home. Not only do you feel the draft, but so does your pocketbook. Here are a few suggestions to help seal up the draftiness and save money on your monthly heating costs. Come wintertime, you’ll be glad you took these steps in the fall.

First, start with the windows. If your home has sash locks along the windows, make sure they’re secure. Cover all windows with thick or insulated curtains – even your prized “view window.”

On the exterior doors, install a door sweep on the outside to prevent cool air from entering and a fabric draft blocker on the inside for extra protection. Use weather stripping to seal any gaps between the doors and the side jams.

If you have hardwood, tile, or stone floors, put a rug(s) down. Install carpet with pad for insulation, if desired, for warmer floors. Seal any cracks/gaps in your flooring with a silicone-based filler.

Insulate (or add extra insulation) to your attic.

Make sure your clothes dryer and bath fan vents have covering flaps.

Cover and secure your swamp cooler with a fitted or plastic cover.

By taking the time to address these common trouble areas, you’ll improve your comfort and save on heating costs – always a relief in extreme weather.

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