Now that summer is winding down, you can celebrate lower electricity bills thanks to lower temperatures. If your energy usage seems high or you want to reduce your energy usage regardless, here’s a few tips to consider:

  1. Change air filters
    Keep your HVAC system running efficiently by changing your air filters regularly. Dirty filters block air flow and put extra strain on your unit which means you’ll use more energy to cool your house. (We may still get a few hot days requiring AC.)

  2. Schedule your fall maintenance
    It’s a great time to call us for your biannual service to check your furnace. It’s always a good idea to take care of this before you suddenly need heat. If you have an existing service agreement with Goettl’s, we’ll call you to schedule an appointment.

  3. Change out old fashioned light bulbs
    Did you know that by changing to energy-efficient light bulbs you can achieve as much as 80% in energy savings? That can add up to a lot of money if your home has a lot of lights. Also, check Costco or your favorite home improvement retailer for additional savings on bulbs, sponsored by APS.

  4. Run appliances more efficiently
    Do the simple things to achieve extra savings. (1) Wash your laundry in warm or cold water instead of hot water if possible. (2) Clean the lint filters in your dryer. (3) Add a clean dry towel to your dryer for the first 15 minutes along with a load of towels for faster drying. (4) Turn your water heater to “vacation mode” when you’re on vacation. (5) Use a programmable thermostat to adjust your home’s temperature while at work or on vacation.

  5. Replace old appliances
    Current models are more efficient and can generate savings particularly if your existing appliances are really old.

  6. Upgrade your home’s insulation
    If your home has insufficient insulation, your AC and heating systems have to word harder to keep you comfortable. This incurs extra cost as well as making your system work harder. Adding additional insulation in the roof or outer walls may help lower your energy bills.

  7. Consider an energy audit
    If you’ve made changes and your energy bills still seem high, an energy audit can help identify any other “energy leaks.” Goettl’s can check your HVAC system including ductwork that may have gaps. Check with APS for the energy audit service they offer. Serious problems – when fixed – could save you as much as 30% on your energy bill.

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